I love the Eucharist! I want people to grow in their love of the Eucharist and learn to live that love in everything they do. The Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith. We read that in the catechism and in the documents of Vatican II. Everything in our faith comes from the Eucharist and leads back to Eucharist.

The Eucharist is at the center of our faith because it is the true body and true blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Word of God made flesh. He is the incarnation of love, truth, joy and beauty, and the Eucharist is physically and spiritually the fullness of Jesus. We can share in His infinite love and joy. I want to share this truth and help people see the infinite beauty of the Eucharist.

Love of the Eucharist

Through the Eucharistic Virtue site, I want to encourage people to revere and adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. The Eucharist is the source of all joy, and it is a gift freely given to us. There is nothing more beautiful, more amazing or more loving in the world.

Eucharistic Virtue is a place where people can learn about the Eucharist, but more importantly, they can experience the beauty and joy of this Sacrament. Much of the content will be from the Saints. They lived their love of the Eucharist in amazing ways. The Saints wanted to share their love of Jesus with others and gave us incredible letters and books that articulate their love. There is so much beauty in these writings, and we can be drawn to the beauty of our Lord through their love.

The Habits of Jesus

Although the Eucharist is the focus of the site and the inspiration for it, there is more. When we encounter the Eucharist we are led to change. Love of the Eucharist touches every aspect of us. We cannot encounter Jesus in His Sacrament of Love and not respond. We are called to change. We do this by developing virtue. Virtues are habits, good habits, the habits of Jesus. As we practice virtue, we begin to conform ourselves to the teachings of Christ. If we are going to be one body with our Lord, we must grow in virtue.

Virtues are the habits of living according to God’s will. Humility, patience, diligence, temperance, faith, hope, and love are all examples of virtues. All of these and many more need to be fostered and developed in us. They don’t just happen. We need to work at building our virtues.

Imagine a Eucharist World

Can you imagine a world conformed to the Eucharist? Picture it for a minute.

Everyone everywhere places Jesus first in their minds. The Eucharist is adored in every city and town. People don’t ask children what they are going to be when they grow. Instead, they ask how are they are going to be like Christ. The pursuit of virtue is a higher goal than the pursuit of money, fame or power. Every person is valued with dignity and love. All people live in virtue, with faith, hope, love, mercy, generosity, patience, compassion and loyalty, and the world practices adoration of our Savior. Selfishness replaced by sacrifice. Pride turned to humility. Conflict eliminated through unity. No one is alone. No one is hungry or thirsty as everyone shares with those in need. Joy is everywhere. The Mass is attended and celebrated with joy by everyone. Everyone is striving to be a saint, and everyone loves the Lord with all their heart, all the soul, and all their strength.

Wouldn’t that world be amazing? Of course, it would. That’s the world that God wants for us. This may sound like heaven, and it does, but the Kingdom of God is here now. The only thing that is preventing each of us from starting to live a Eucharistic life is our sin. We are made to be saints and need to strive to live as God intended us to live.

Site Organization

Eucharistic Virtue initially has four main areas.

  • Eucharist: This section will have detailed resources on the Eucharist. One the primary resources are the Eucharist in Scripture pages, with more than 60 passages from the Old and New Testament on the Eucharist.
  • Virtue: This section will have detailed resources on the Virtues. There will be “Paths to Virtue.” These are step-by-step instructions from the saints to help us grow in virtue.
  • Daily Quotes: I will have two daily quotes each day, one the Eucharist and one on Virtue.
  • Articles: These will be occasional articles on the faith or with updates on the site.

About the Author

I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools in Pittsburgh for 6th through 12th grade (thank you Sisters of St. Joseph and Christian Brothers). In college and after, I drifted away from the Church. During this time, I would have said I was Catholic, but my faith was not something I prioritized in my life much at all. Eventually, the Holy Spirit led me back to the Church and the journey back was fantastic and continues to get better.

I am married and have one daughter. My involvement in my parish includes teaching in our high school Christian Formation program. This has pushed me to learn more about my faith. Some people encounter Jesus in their hearts and that leads them to learn about Him in their heads. I’m the opposite. I find studying and learning about the faith leads me to encounter Jesus in my heart.

I strive to be faithful to the Magisterium on this site and in my life.

About the Quotes

My return to the Church was aided tremendously by the Saints. I knew I needed a role model, and so many saints to guide, teach and inspire me. Although I read some modern books on the faith, I was drawn to writings to saints. For years, I was inspired to underline passages and save them. A year ago, I realized my quote document was over 300 pages. It was then I felt the desire to share the quotes. It was easy to put together a lot of quotes. I have the first two years roughly mapped out with at least seven Eucharistic and Virtue quotes for each week. That totals around 1,600 quotes ready to go. They are all amazing.

Please Pray

I hope you will develop a deeper love of the Eucharist leading to a more virtuous life through this website.

Please pray for me, for all who are pursuing love of the Eucharist and are seeking a virtuous life, and for the world, that we may all grow in our love of the Eucharist and develop virtue to conform ourselves to the will of God.

Holy Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, pray for us.

Christ in Magesty