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May 2019

Virtue Quote: Thomas a’ Kempis

May 21st, 2019|Categories: Daily Quote: Virtue|Tags: , , |

"Arm yourself like a man against the devil’s assaults.  Curb your appetite and you will more easily curb every inclination of the flesh. Never be completely unoccupied, but read or write or pray or mediate [...]

Eucharist Quote: Pope Benedict XVI

May 20th, 2019|Categories: Daily Quote: Eucharist|Tags: , |

"By his command to 'do this in remembrance of me' (Lk 22:19; 1 Cor11:25), he asks us to respond to his gift and to make it sacramentally present." -Pope Benedict XVI

Virtue Quote: St. Louis de Montfort

May 17th, 2019|Categories: Daily Quote: Virtue|Tags: , |

"Third, true devotion to our Lady is holy, that is, it leads us to avoid sin and to imitate the virtues of Mary. Her ten principal virtues are: deep humility, lively faith, blind obedience, unceasing [...]

Eucharist Quote: St. John Vianney

May 15th, 2019|Categories: Daily Quote: Eucharist|Tags: , , |

"It is without doubt very humiliating for the good God to come into our hearts, but it is to find there a soul that He loves, that He has bought at the cost of His [...]

Virtue Quote: St. Francis de Sales

May 14th, 2019|Categories: Daily Quote: Virtue|Tags: , |

"No work done with impetuosity and excitement was ever well done, and the old proverb 'Make haste slowly' is a good one." -St. Francis de Sales

Eucharist Quote: St. Peter Julian Eymard

May 13th, 2019|Categories: Daily Quote: Eucharist|Tags: , , |

"True, God is everywhere, but we have need for Him to draw near to us under sensible signs, and this is what He does in the Blessed Sacrament. Think, then, that He is there. That [...]

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