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The Eucharistic Virtue Blog has posts about the faith and updates on the site. It excludes all the daily quote posts since those can be found separately on the Daily Quotes page.

Virtue Quote: Pope Benedict XVI

"As we contemplate the vast amount of work to be done, we are sustained by our faith that God is present alongside those who come together in his name to work for justice." -Pope Benedict XVI

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Virtue Quote: St. Peter Julian Eymard

"Jesus is the grace, as well as the model, of every virtue: 'Without Me,' He says, 'you can do nothing.' We must, then, be helped by Him. The work of virtue is only a co-operation with the divine action of Jesus Christ in us. He comes to aid us and [...]

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Why I’m Responsible

I’m responsible for the abuse crisis in the Church. I didn’t abuse any children, or enable a priest to abuse children, or look the other way when a priest was abusing a child, or cover up any abuse. No, I haven’t done anything like that, but if I’m honest, you [...]

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How to Pursue Virtue in the Abuse Scandal

The abuse scandal has exemplified vice and a complete lack of virtue. I’m not talking about the abusers. Certainly, their behavior was sinful and driven by unrestrained vice, but the handling by the Church leadership has lacked virtue at almost every step. We need to look at how to pursue [...]

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Top 25 Quotes

Below are twenty-five of the most popular quotes from Eucharistic Virtue's first year. Although, I love all the quotes from the first year, this selection is based on the comments, shares and likes that the quotes have received. You can pause the slideshow by hovering over the quote.

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1st Anniversary of Eucharistic Virtue

This week will mark the 1st Anniversary of the daily quotes on the Eucharist and on Virtue. The website went live a few weeks before that, but the first daily quote was posted February 22, 2016. In that time, I've only missed a few days of posting - three days [...]

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