Today’s virtue quote summarizes why I started Eucharistic Virtue. In the quote, St. Eymard describes how practicing purity leads to all the virtues and ultimately to becoming a perfect adorer of the Lord.

This is our goal and reason for being – to love and adore the Father Almighty, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit purely and perfectly.

Eucharistic Virtue seeks to help us reach this goal. We must love the Eucharist. This love leads to change within us where we develop virtue, purify ourselves and unite our minds and wills with the mind and will of God. As we unite with God, we will love and adore God more, especially in the Eucharist.

The Eucharist leads to developing virtue, and as we develop virtue, we will love the Eucharist more. These two are inseparable. You cannot love the Lord and despise virtue. God is Love. God is Truth. God is Mercy. God is Humility. God is Justice. These are not things that God does. Instead, they are Who God is. When we develop these virtues, we are uniting with God.

Eucharistic Virtue is not about helping people earn God’s love. We can’t do that since God already loves us infinitely. Eucharistic Virtue is about uniting with God so that we might be see with the compassion and mercy of Jesus, that we might hear His truth in everything, and that we might love with His heart.

St. Eymard conveys this in a short quote very well. We must seek purity since it leads to practicing all the virtues, and through virtue, we will become perfect adorers. We could say different, but fostering the virtues of God, we unite with God and will learn to love with the infinite love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.