New Articles

I've added two new articles to the site. The Chaplet of Spiritual Communion is a means for meditating on the Blessed Sacrament directed at making a Spiritual Communion. It follows the form of the rosary, but with mysteries focused on the Eucharist and prayers directed toward making a Spiritual Communion and preparing for your next [...]

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Top 25 Quotes

Below are twenty-five of the most popular quotes from Eucharistic Virtue's first year. Although, I love all the quotes from the first year, this selection is based on the comments, shares and likes that the quotes have received. You can pause the slideshow by hovering over the quote.

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Develop Virtue to Adore Perfectly

Today's virtue quote summarizes why I started Eucharistic Virtue. In the quote, St. Eymard describes how practicing purity leads to all the virtues and ultimately to becoming a perfect adorer of the Lord. This is our goal and reason for being - to love and adore the Father Almighty, Jesus the Son and the Holy [...]

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Twelve Great Eucharist Quotes

This week marks 100 days of Eucharist quotes! To celebrate, I listed the twelve most popular quotes so far. I love every quote I have posted. I accumulated the quotes over the years during my spiritual reading. As I read, I underlined passaged that touched me in some way. Some highlight God's infinite love for us. Others [...]

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Living Eucharistically

Today's Daily Eucharist Quote summarizes my mission and core belief that led to the Eucharistic Virtue website. Although many of the quotes are extremely inspirational, and a number touch on this same idea, this quote stands out for me. St. Peter Julian Eymard wrote: "You must perform your actions under the eye of Jesus Christ in [...]

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What if you saw Jesus ascend?

I've been reading the bread of life discourse (John 6) for the last week as part of my morning prayers and was happily surprised to see this week's daily readings are from this same passage. The bread of life discourse is amazing and shocking, but it is an essential teaching in our faith. It is so [...]

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Start of Daily Quotes

Eucharistic Virtue will have daily quotes about the Eucharist and about Virtue. The goal is to have two quotes each day. Most of the quotes are taken from writings of the Saints and Magisterial documents. The goal of the quotes is to provide an easy way to reflect on the Eucharist and living our love [...]

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Eucharist in Scripture Series Compete

The Eucharist in Scripture series is now posted. This include more than 60 scripture references on the Eucharist. There are seven pages of Scriptures references, three for the Old Testament and four for the New Testament. Each reveals something different about the Sacrament of Christ's Love, and together, they tell the love of story of God's relationship with [...]

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