Ven. Fulton Sheenÿexplains the core virtue of the Gospel. We are called to love, especially people who others do not love. Jesus describes this as loving our enemies. We should not limit our understanding of this to just adversaries that we are competing against or that threaten us. We need to love everyone, especially people who bore, annoy, antagonize or offend us. We also need to love those who are ignored and forgotten. We don’t have to like the people to love them. Love as Christ commands it is doing what is good for the other purely for their benefit. There cannot be any selfishness, otherwise, it ceases to be love. What’s amazingÿis that we are made to love, and when we truly love others, especially those who are unloved, we will become joyful.

Source:  Ven. Fulton Sheen, The Way to Happiness