“Here is the first-class humility that we ought to imitate, although sinners and condemned necessarily to humble ourselves by our- state. Let us then, refer all to God. Return to Him His graces, which He lends you only that you may make them fructify to His profit and glory. Do not pride yourselves on God’s gifts. Do not appropriate them, as if they came from yourself, but confess that they are from God. Do not rely on them, as if they were part and parcel of what is naturally your due; but maintain yourself in a constant and actual dependence on God, as receiving always, but never possessing. Acknowledge that the state of grace itself which seems connatural to you, actually flows from God. That it is preserved by a positive decree of His mercy, and that of yourself you are but nothingness and absolute impotence. Take notice that Lucifer fell only for having considered his gifts as coming from himself, and for having thought himself sufficient for himself while, in truth, he existed and acted only through the divine influence of grace. You will say, perhaps, that since you cooperate with grace, a part of the result ought to be attributed to you, and that you may share the fruits at least by the right of the farmer whose labor increases the value of his master’s lands. Not at all! Your own labor becomes valuable only by the grace which accompanies it, elevating it, rendering, it supernatural and meritorious, just as it had commenced it.” -St. Peter Julian Eymard