“The holy Chrism, used by the Church according to apostolic tradition, is made of olive oil mingled with balm, which, among other things, are emblematic of two virtues very specially conspicuous in our Dear Lord Himself, and which He has specially commended to us, as though they, above all things, drew us to Him and taught us to imitate Him:  ‘Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart.’  Humility makes our lives acceptable to God, meekness makes us acceptable to men.  Balm, as I said before, sinking to the bottom of all liquids, is a figure of humility; and oil, floating as it does on the top, is a figure of gentleness and cheerfulness, rising above all things, and excelling all thing, the very flower of Love, which, so says St. Bernard, comes to perfection when it is not merely patient, but gentle and cheerful.” -St. Francis de Sales